The first line of attack when rebooting your health.

Verb – “Remove impurities or unwanted elements from (a substance), typically as part of an industrial process.”
– Oxford Dictionary

By definition, to refine something means to take away some of the natural elements, BUT WHY? 

Humans have coexisted alongside Mother Nature for millions of years, eating whole foods and moving with purpose, but in the last century we have seen a radical change in what we put inside our body and the care we take of it.

No wonder we are fatter, sicker and more depressed than ever.

But now is the time for changeWe will take back control of our diets, giving our bodies the fuel we need to sustain, repair and rebuild, the way that we have done since the dawn of our species.

With nothing but whole foods, we can build a strong foundation for any body type.


Be ready for life, not just the beach.

We’re going to swap out long, boring workouts for short, effective ones that will burn fat, build muscle, and – most importantly – get us moving properly.

We are going to keep our workouts varied, fun & beneficial. With a mixture of high impact, high intensity interval training to burn fat and build muscle; and the fluid mindfulness of yoga and Pilates to improve coordination, balance and mobility; we will build a strong foundation, capable of absorbing all of life’s stresses.

I’ve designed these workouts to use minimal equipment and to be easily achievable at home. So throw on your workout gear and join me!


Gain the knowledge to make great choices.

“ipsa scientia potesta est”
(knowledge itself is power)
– Sir Francis Bacon

It’s so easy for me to sit here and tell you to do something through a screen, but it gives you no motivation to go out and do it, whereas when we are given the reason that something is beneficial, it is much more likely to form a habit. Which is crucial when we inevitably have those moments of doubt along the road to success.

And what we do in those moments of doubt is the most important part. We have to find a way to stay motivated and keep striving towards our goals.

The Importance of Sleep

We all know that sleep is important, but what is your answer when someone asks you “Why is sleep important?”

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