5 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

5 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

These days, everyone is trying to find the fastest way to lose weight, but then they are surprised when either, their weight doesn’t drop instantly, or they gain back the weight they lost plus more! So in this article, we are going to go through 5 tips to help you lose fat, and make sure it stays off.

1) Focus on nutrition

I’ve put this first in the list because I believe it is the most important, changing our diet can have a much bigger impact on our body composition than any other aspect of our lifestyle, so try to follow these rules:
Focus on the nutrient density of food, rather than the number of calories. Go for fresh fruits and vegetables that are naturally lower in calories, but higher in nutrients.
Cut down on all processed foods. Foods like deli meat, cheese, high-processed cereals, sweets, candy bars and chips are all low in nutrients, but often high in calories, and some of these foods have been shown to increase your risk of cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
Get at least 30g of fibre in your diet every day. Not only is fibre great for your digestive system, it also helps to lower your cholesterol and lower your risk of heart disease.
Try to get at least 2 portions of fruit, vegetables, whole grains or legumes at every meal. Not only are they higher in nutrients and lower in calories, but they also make it easy to get 30g of fibre every day. And when you’re filling up more of your plate with these types of foods, it’s much easier to cut down on the unhealthier foods.
If you’re unsure what a portion is, a simple way to measure is with your fist, one fist equals around one portion.
Plan ahead. Make it easy for yourself to stay focused by preparing your meals (or at least knowing what you’ll have) in advance, this way you are less likely to pop down to the shop and get something unhealthy because you’ve run out of time or can’t decide what to eat.
Take the effort out of your weekly shop and meal planning with the Derefine 28 Day Plant-Based Challenge.

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Try Intermittent Fasting. There are a few varieties to choose from, the simplicity behind intermittent fasting is that it restricts the amount of time each day you can eat, therefore cutting the amount of calories you’re likely to consume.
Fill your cupboards with healthy snacks. You might not be able to always stop the urge to snack, but if your cupboards are full of healthy food, you can snack away without the guilt.
Be conscious when you’re eating. Take your time to chew each mouthful, put your cutlery down between bites and stop when you’re full, not when your plate is empty.
Make it a lifestyle, not just a diet. Really commit to it by making it part of your life. Try not to focus on the number on the bathroom scales, instead, focus on how you feel in yourself, the weight will come off in time.

2) Give yourself a goal and stick to it.

Having a goal is really important because it gives you something to strive for and measure yourself against.
Learn more about how to set the right goal for you in this post.

3) Make your workouts effective and efficient.

Unless you love being in the gym or are training for an event, there is no need to spend hours every night sweating away on the treadmill. Make sure your workouts are effective and focus around what your end goal is.
The best workouts for losing weight are:
– Resistance Training. Get your body using your fat stores for hours after you stop training by breaking down the muscle fibres and forcing them to regrow.
– High Intensity Interval Training. Get your heart pumping and your lungs burning to help create an environment in your body that automatically wants to burn fat.

4) Rest properly.

After a tough workout, you want to fuel yourself for repair and regrowth, and then make sure your body has enough decent rest. Unfortunately there is no universal, perfect amount of sleep, you’ll have to experiment and see what amount works best for you. Normally the best amount of sleep is the amount you need to wake up naturally, without feeling groggy.

5) Drink water.

Water is so important as around 70% of our body is made up of it, and it is necessary for all the functions in our body to be carried out properly. Try to make water the only thing that you drink – cut out alcohol, soft drinks and store bought coffees. Another great habit to get into is to drink one glass of water about 5-10 minutes before each meal, it will aid with digestion and make you just a little bit fuller when you start your meal so that you are less likely to overeat.

There are lots more ideas that you can add to your lifestyle to help you achieve your goals, but follow these 5 tips and you’ll already be on your way to success.

If you want some help with setting and/or achieving your goals, please fill in this form below and someone from the Derefine team will get back to you to arrange a time and date for your free consultation.

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