Why You Should Quit Smoking Right Now!

Why You Should Quit Smoking Right Now!

We’ve known for decades that smoking has a negative effect on your health, but yet over 1 billion people still smoke tobacco on the Earth. Here are some reasons why you should give up smoking tobacco, right now!

It increases your risk of disease

Smoking tobacco has been proven to contribute to an increased likelihood of you developing:
– Cardiovascular Disease – including Heart Attack & Stroke
– Impotence
– Infections
– Certain types of cancers
– Pulmonary diseases such as pneumonia

It effects your appearance

Nicotine in tobacco smoke causes the blood vessels closest to the surface of your skin to constrict, meaning that less blood – less oxygen and vital nutrients – get to the outer layers of your skin, causing the cells to diminish.
Many of the chemicals in tobacco smoke damage elastin and collagen, fibres that give the skin its elasticity, without these, your skin is more prone to wrinkle.

Nicotine and tar in cigarettes are known to stain your teeth, as well as increasing the risk of infections in your gums.

It’s expensive

Smoking just one cigarette each day will cost you rough £145 per year! Now multiple that by the number of cigarettes you smoke per day:

5 cigarettes per day = £730 per year*
10 cigarettes per day = £1460 per year*
20 cigarettes per day = £2920 per year*

*Based on a pack of cigarettes costing £8

Just imagine what you could use that money for instead!

Not only is there the cost of the cigarettes themselves that are expensive, but the cost on the economy is also astronomical, in the UK alone, smoking related illness cost the NHS £3-6billion each year! Although some sources state that Tax on tobacco contributes around £9.6billion to the government each year.

It’s REALLY polluting

Cigarette butts are THE item most often found polluting the seas, over 2.4 million cigarette butts were collected on the European Beach Clean Up day in 2017, and that’s just the ones that make it back to the beaches. The plastics in cigarette filters take around 15 years to disintegrate and have been shown to cause toxicity to fish.

It effects those around you

If your own health isn’t enough to worry about, the World Health Organisation states that almost one million (890,000) non-smokers are killed each year due to second-hand smoke. 80% of secondhand smoke is invisible, so even if you try your best to direct it away from those around you, it is impossible to know if they are still being affected. The toxins from smoke can linger in the air around you for up to 4 hours, that means, you could have a cigarette in the morning and still be a danger to your children when you see them at lunch!

Time to Quit!

There are a whole host of different ways to quit smoking, and now is the best time to do it!
– Find a community to help you towards your goals – this can be essential as it will give you the moral support you need to keep striving for your goal.
– Go Cold Turkey – this doesn’t work for everyone and it requires a lot of willpower, but some of you will be able to throw away your cigarettes and never smoke again.
Make non-smoking friends – if you around smokers less often, you will soon forget about your addiction.
Use patches or gum – use nicotine patches or gum to help give yourself the sensation of nicotine while cutting back the dosage over time.
– Switch to a vaporiser or e-cigarette – similar to the patches or gum, these devices are great for cutting down your addiction as they let you tailor the dosage of nicotine you will get.
– Replace it with a healthier alternative – do you go out for a smoke to help unwind? Why not go for a 5 minute walk instead?
– Reward yourself by setting yourself milestones – Had your eye on a new pair of shoes? Go a whole month without smoking and then treat yourself – you could even use the money you saved by not smoking!
– Make a list of reasons to quit – Good intentions will only get you so far, but quitting smoking to help reduce your daughter’s asthma attacks, that is a strong motivator!
– Forgive yourself – you’re only human, you have an addiction, and now is the time to rectify your choice, don’t be hard on yourself if it doesn’t go smoothly.


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